Occupy Charlottesville lends support to local Citizens United protest

As part of an organizing effort to ignite popular protests over the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling during the campaign season, Move To Amend—an organization dedicated to "end[ing] corporate rule"—is coordinating a series of protests on the ruling’s second anniversary. Locally, it will have some help from Occupy Charlottesville.

This event will have more particular parameters than Occupy’s stay in Lee Park. The protest is slated for January 20, from 2pm to 5pm, in front of the U.S. District Court on West Main. According to an e-mail from locally based author and activist David Swanson, the local protest is "part of a nationwide action taking place at over 100 courts across the country."

Occupy Charlottesville issued its own call for participation on its website: "INVITE AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN THINK OF TO COME AND SHOW UNITY THAT CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE AND MONEY IS NOT FREE SPEECH." For C-VILLE’s coverage of Occupy Charlottesville, click here.