Obama, McCain win big [February 13]

Obama, McCain win big [February 13]

Barack Obama and John McCain swept the Potomac Primaries yesterday, winning Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Obama took the Commonwealth by a convincing margin, winning 64 percent of the votes. Hillary Clinton won just 35 percent. McCain won 50 percent of the votes in Virginia, compared to second-place finisher Mike Huckabee’s 41 percent.

Barack Obama won 64 percent of the votes in Virginia’s Democratic primary.

Roughly 35 percent of registered city voters turned out on Tuesday, overwhelmingly supporting Obama and McCain. Obama carried every city precinct, winning 5,563 votes to Clinton’s 1,805. The Republican vote was much closer in the city. McCain won 596 votes to Huckabee’s 312. Ron Paul rounded out third place with 144 votes. 

The Washington Post reported today that Obama now has passed Clinton in the number of pledged delegates, though when superdelegates are considered, the presidential nomination is still up for grabs.

Obama is considered the favorite in the next two contests in Hawaii and Wisconsin. Clinton is said to be concentrating on two large states, Ohio and Texas, to stop the momentum that Obama has created by winning the last eight contests.

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