November 2009: D.I.Y. Diary

November 2009: D.I.Y. Diary

Sunny side

 The home of Spackled Egg receives a sunnier, satin-finish outlook.

We’d been wanting to paint our house for a long time—ever since we painted the roof red, which made a comical combo with our medium-blue exterior. After a couple of years with a flag-themed home, we finally executed the plan we’d had all along: to paint the exterior yellow, a cheery match with the brick-red roof.

But yellow, it turns out, is a tricky color. We had some distressing conversations with a paint store employee, centered on the fact that yellow paint may be prone to fading. “But how quickly will it fade?” we asked. “Depends on the weather,” he unhelpfully replied.

Eventually we were on our way with 11 gallons of satin-finish paint in a warm, buttery hue and a couple of brand-new brushes. We’d decided that brushing on paint would work better for us than renting a paint sprayer, so this was to be a low-tech work session. Our siding is concrete-asbestos shingles, easier to work with than wood, and the process went reasonably fast.

We took turns climbing the tall, scary ladder, blasted Stevie Wonder through the windows, and at the end of three days had gotten one coat on the entire house, plus a second coat on the toughest wall—not bad at all. A few more work sessions will finish it up. The next challenge: Getting over our surprise every time we come home to a yellow house.—Spackled Egg