When Kevin Morrissey, the managing editor at the University’s literary magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, killed himself at the end of July, certain factions rushed in quickly to condemn his boss as a bully whose abuse had tipped the balance in a man who’d suffered from depression for years. And in a snap, that became the story of what happened to Kevin Morrissey. Ted Genoways is that man who has been I’d say recklessly accused. Without regard for Genoways’ reputation, never mind the fact that a tragic act can never be accounted for with a simple formula of blame, this tale has been repeated in nationwide media accounts. In this week’s cover story, Genoways speaks out for the first time and provides a picture of what was going on in his office in the past couple of years. If it’s not a complete account, it’s certainly more complete than what has come before. Read the cover story here. And, below, watch an interview with News Editor Brendan Fitzgerald, on visiting Genoways at his home.