NEW C-VILLE COVER STORY: Games people play

You know how people will make those jokes about pink being the new black, or 40 being the new 30? Here’s another riff on that: It seems like rain is the new sunshine around here. Despite that, Ashley Twiggs seized a few bright afternoons to capture people at play—in honor of the Memorial Day gateway to summer. It can’t rain forever, people, and we hope these fine pictures will inspire your own outdoor activities—or, maybe a hand of cards should the weather turn stormy. For me, like others, I’m sure, the harbinger of summer is the return of my weekly Community Supported Agriculture share. Things resumed yesterday—yay! And, in what I take as a sure sign of a movement and not just a trend, we’ve got egg and cheese options this year, too. Not only that, a couple of folks in Belmont are starting a bread cooperative. Mmm. Eat well, play hard. Seems like a decent recipe for getting by. Let’s just say “back to basics” is the new “go for it.”