My Morning Jacket slated for Pavilion in September

My Morning Jacket slated for Pavilion in September

Reverb-loving Southern indie rock band My Morning Jacket will be making their way to the Charlottesville Pavilion on September 2. Not a huge surprise, considering the band is signed to Coran Capshaw & Co.’s  ATO label. The band last came through town in 2004 when they wowed the crowd at Capshaw’s late Starr Hill Music Hall. They also hit up the venue in 2002, which was likely when they made their impression on Capshaw, since 2003’s It Still Moves was their first release on ATO.

My Morning Jacket will return to town on September 2 to play the Charlottesville Pavilion.

The Jacket isn’t doing so bad these days, either. Rolling Stone recently anointed them “Best Breakthrough” in its Best of Rock 2008 issue and the band will appear on Saturday Night Live on May 10.

"People looked at Radiohead when they started, and were like, ‘Oh, Brit-pop rock band,’" frontman Jim James says in the Rolling Stone piece. "Now they’re just fucking awesome, awesome weirdos. You can’t put a label on them, and that’s what I hope has been happening with us. Whether you love us or hate us, we’re not any one type of band."

My Morning Jacket’s latest album on ATO, Evil Urges, hits the streets June 10. Tickets for September’s show go on sale Friday, May 16 at 10am.