Like a Cornered Animal


At a panel on election cartooning this past weekend, a member of the audience asked whether we’d be at a loss for material if Obama wins. He corrected himself: "Or I should say, when Obama wins."

He was partly joking, I’m sure, but methinks recent polls have some people feeling a wee bit overconfident.

McCain and Palin have already demonstrated that they are willing to mine fabrications about Obama from the most remote recesses of their posteriors, and repeat said fabrications shamelessly, even after they have been widely debunked. And that was when they were up in the polls! Now, like a froth-flecked, diseased raccoon, McCain and company are lashing out, desperately saying anything — anything! — to scare voters about Obama. As I mentioned at the panel discussion, I would not underestimate the number of Americans who actually think Obama is a terrorist or the Antichrist, or both. If the internet is any indication, they are everywhere. And their rhetoric appears to be growing increasingly violent.

What remains to be seen is what BS bombshells will drop between now and November 4. My guess is that McCain will play it relatively low-key at the debate tonight so as to counter the growing perception of him as an unhinged nutcake. Speaking of which, if you haven’t read this Rolling Stone piece yet, grab yourself a nice seasonal ale, plop down on the couch, and do so.

Comedy bonus: this article from The Daily Mash, a sort of British version of the Onion.


ALL your hopes and dreams were shattered by bastard Americans last night, just as you suspected they always would be.

…"I just assumed I’d be horribly maimed as a knock-on from one of their insane, catastrophic wars, but instead they have, in the most beautifully co-ordinated fashion, demolished the system that provides me with a job, a home and the vague hope that life may not an elaborate waste of time.