Let's get ready to rumble

Links to previous C-VILLE coverage of Biscuit Run appended

Where’s Michael Buffer when you need him? The Biscuit Run rezoning will get its official public hearing in front of the County Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 27. Anticipation has been building during a half dozen public meetings and work sessions prior to this one, but this is the one where county planning commissioners will cast their official votes—unless one side or the other opts to defer.

Tears have been shed at previous meetings that allowed for public comment, with recitals of clogging roads and fatal accidents and denuded landscapes. Rhetorical hyperbole has gone so far to call the project the “death of humanity."

Yet in many ways, the project is just what planners theoretically want: a coordinated, mixed-use development that is planned for the designated growth area and designed by the consultants that gave Albemarle the “neighborhood model.” But still: The sheer magnitude of 3,100 housing units on 920 acres has been enough to make even stalwart local New Urbanists balk.

Check back next week for full coverage of the event. It’s currently scheduled to go the Board of Supervisors May 9.

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