Learn more about Zero Garbage


I got impatient and threw out those plastic clothes hangers this weekend during a minor household purge. This is the kind of thing that, if you’re undertaking the Zero Garbage Challenge like local eco-hero Rose Brown, you just don’t do.

I wrote about Brown a month ago–she’s the one who produces essentiallly no trash at all. I remain in awe of this feat, which basically rejects a major tenet of American life (the idea that all of us, almost unconsciously, produce a continuous stream of waste).

Brown is someone we can learn from, so it’s lucky that she’s giving two workshops this week to go over some of the specifics of her no-waste lifestyle. Should be utterly fascinating.

The first is Thursday, at noon, at the main library downtown. Bring a lunch and learn about how you could have transported that sandwich instead of using a Baggie. The second is Saturday, 1-3pm, at the Ivy Creek Natural Area.

Check ’em out and let us know what you’ve learned!