July 2009: D.I.Y. Diary

July 2009: D.I.Y. Diary

Now we’re rolling


Plenty of projects are more important than a toilet-paper holder, but we still gave it a place on our big list of things to do. (This is notwithstanding my husband’s claim that the back of the toilet made a fine toilet-paper holder.)

Of course you can buy these things in all sorts of styles at any hardware store, but as usual we enjoy personalizing (read: complicating). We had some nifty old wooden drawer pulls—dark, carved items I picked up at a junk store, which must have come from a bureau or sideboard—and we decided to use one of them to fashion the TPH. It seemed that if we cut the pull in half, it would make two “arms,” perfect for holding the plastic spring-loaded rod that goes inside the roll.

Top: Forstner holes in the plate for the TPH; bottom: the finished product.

And it did. Cutting was tricky on our way-too-big-for-this-job miter saw, but we made it through sans injury. Next we drilled depressions (not holes) into the ends of these arms, into which the springy rod would fit. Then we cut a scrap of oak trim to act as a “plate” on the back of the holder. We gave it a quick sanding, and put two holes in with a forstner bit, for screws.

Finally, we glued the arms onto the plate, put two drywall anchor screws into the bathroom wall, attached the holder, installed the roll, and there it was! One little project, crossed off the list.