Join me on election night!

Join me on election night!

Stuck at home watching the returns on your living room couch? Join the Final Countdown! I’ll be roaming around town in my custom-built Election Night Party Rover, chronicling the festivities.

You’ll recall in an earlier post I mentioned something about a permit being issued for crowds on the Downtown Mall on Tuesday night. Here’s the scoop: the C-ville Dems are hosting their election party at the Gravity Lounge, beginning at 6:30pm. According to former City Councilor Kevin Lynch, the Dems are expecting the place to be packed; Gravity can only accommodate about 300. To accomodate spillover, the City has approved a permit for crowds to gather outside until midnight (a permit is required for groups over 25).

In any event, we’ll be there checking out the scene. This blog, of course, heartily encourages merrymaking in the street should Obama prevail. (Safe and legal merrymaking of the party-horn variety, that is — not the overturned car variety. The Final Countdown does not want to deal with a flipped Rover!)

On the other hand, if McCain wins, this blog recommends the swift application of the fermented beverage of your choice within the confines of your own living quarters.

[UPDATE: Send me your election party photos! Email jen {@t} slowpokecomics {döt} com ]