Ho ho ho! WaPo gives the Downtown Mall another boost

The big guys like us, they really like us! The New York Times and the Washington Post, that is and one of them is back again. Following the spring/summer love notes to Charlottesville from WaPo, today’s edition includes UVA alum Ellen Ryan’s tender homage to shopping on the Mall on a recent return visit. It’s the kind of thing that the Downtown Business Association should love (sample text: "Want fun?" "Want fun food?" "Want sophistication?") and why not: With rebricking a mere week-and-a-half away, nervous merchants can use all the boosts they can get. (Click here to read C-VILLE’s cover story this week to get up to speed on what’s going to happen to six blocks of bricks and why.)

In a related note, yesterday the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun announced they will begin to share some content. Maybe we’ll be getting a big ol bear hug from our buddies in Maryland soon, too?