Violence has made it hard to hear live hip-hop in Charlottesville, but many local artists, including all of the Stack Boys, have MySpace pages where they share their music. We checked out some of their tracks, and below is a list of some of our favorites, along with a taste of the rhymes that they spit into cyberspace.

Nix: Kyle Jackson, 19; www.myspace.com/nixishome

Song: "I Started Dat," featuring Money and Dino

Lyric: "Starville, nigga/ On the map where I put it./ I’m lookin’ like new money/ I’m gonna show you how to get it."

Giovanni, a.k.a. Gio, a.k.a P.G.: Cedric Jones, 18; www.myspace.com/giovanniakapg

Listen to "Soldier":

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Courtesy of DJ Millz and Stack Boys Ent. – Thank you!

Song: "Soldier"

Lyric: "Now everybody wanna rap like P./ One thing, they ain’t hood, they don’t trap like me/ they don’t know how to spit this or flip that like me."

Gangsta Gill, a.k.a. Gill: Adonis Gilmore, 19; www.myspace.com/realdealgill

Song: "Side 2 Side"

Lyric: "Mixtapes got the streets bubblin’ like grape soda."

Bandana Money, a.k.a. Money: Eric Slaughter, 18; www.myspace.com/eslaughter

Listen to "She Love It":

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Courtesy of DJ Millz and Stack Boys Ent. – Thank you!

Song: "She Love It" with Dino, Nix and Gill

Lyric: "I know that stash and I throw that cash/ The ice so bright it look like a Kodak flash."

H.B., a.k.a. Hollywood H: Haans Slaughter, 19; www.myspace.com/starvilleent

Song: "Tear It Up" featuring Domino

Lyric: "I do it for VA/ Keep the crowd rockin’./ Two fingers up, two fingers down/ There’s big things poppin’."

Domino, a.k.a. Dino F.: Dennis Jones, 19, myspace.com/dominoakadinofbaby

Song: "Fresh ‘n’ Clean"

Lyric: "It’s Straight Paper, I rep for my team./ Bathe the neighborhood/ I’m fresh and I’m clean."

Q*Black, a.k.a. Q: Quentin Walker, 22, myspace.com/qblackcville

Listen to "Merci Bon Dieu" by Q*Black:

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Song: "It’s Like Dat"

Lyric: "While the rhythm get in ’em / I hit ’em with something good/ Something for the heart, something from the hood/ Just so my views are understood."