Frozen Novelties and McCain Country

Frozen Novelties and McCain Country

Before heading to the Republicans’ party at Rivals Sports Bar, I decided to fortify myself with free ice cream from the Ben & Jerry’s at Barracks Road. B&J was giving out free ice cream to "all voters" (actually, everyone) between 5-8pm.

Let me just say that free ice cream is doing extremely well among Charlottesville voters. There were more people there than at my polling place.

And Obama has just won my home state of Pennsylvania! WOO! Go Keystone State!

So, stuffed with Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, I headed up to the epicenter of local GOP festivities at Rivals in Albemarle Square, next to the Putt-Putt (I just wanted to say Putt-Putt). Here’s a shot of the signage outside:

Inside, I caught former City Councilor Rob Schilling chatting with a fellow partygoer:

It was early in the evening, so the crowd was still forming. Here are some young Repubs gettin’ their election on:

And then, it must be said, I took off for bluer climes.