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Tomas Rahal of Mas did not return calls for comment. Mike Lewis of Mono Loco denies that he wrote the entries and had no comment beyond a chuckle. […] represents excised quotes. Read the full exchange here: [PDF file]

Mono Loco @cvilletomorrow #cville Council adopts zoning changes to allow live amplified music at restaurants in more districts – but not Belmont

Tomas Rahal being loud and obnoxious doesn’t make you good or successful. live by the thugs die by the thugs. love seeing failing restaurants suddenly convert to music event programming, the toughest business in town, and expect everyone to understand that now their parking needs have quadrupled, trash and noise pollution are off the charts, crime climbs, property damage too,and regular customers given short shrift all for the quick buck. […] Jim Tolbert is right and wrong, it is about a few bad apples but it’s also about splitting a pie so many times nobody wins and taxpayers are left holding the bag for selfish assholes that pocketed the quick cash and screwed employees, vendors and neighbors – who’ll leave a big mess next?
April 19 at 12:00pm

Mono Loco ahhh it surely must be spring…birds are chirping…the rains are torrential and we have the ramblings of the soused petulant belmontian bacchus!…listen without over-simplifying…(mono loco, beer run, the tea bazaar all seem to seamlessly incorporate music and dining), in all other areas you so staunchly defend the democratic process..but now you sound strangely fascist…how ’bout we instead detail that market forces and poor management strongly dictated the fate of the aformentioned establishments..solely blaming music for their demise is akin to the hyper vigilant rationale john lithgow had for banning all dancing in Footloose…
April 19 at 1:44pm

Tomas Rahal seamless, sure, if you’re not the cop dealing with the mess, or neighbors woken up at 2 am by fights, doors slamming, yelling, or tequila-soaked drivers shooting off in the night. i love music and it plays a prominent role in Belmont and at MAS. we pay royalties to the artists we play, and spon-sor events in town, not just Belmont. No, music isn’t the culprit as you sophistically try to pawn that old chestnut off on the public again that Belmont is against live music. Please stop reading from the same old playbook and show up at city council or a neighborhood meeting sometime. […] i’m just saying when you are a restaurant be a restaurant, if you want to regularly program music, like The Southern, or the Jefferson or Pavillion, be a mu-sic hall that serves food. otherwise you get a permit for big events just like the big boys. […]
April 19 at 3:59pm

Tomas Rahal Even though between you and i this is all good fun, there are real consequences promoters don’t ever mention. and for the record, i never blamed music on its own, but people who act like strip-mining operators instead of responsible stewards, and guardians in the public interest. no restaurant has extended more help and resources to local community groups and neighbors than MAS. […] as for phrases like hyper-vigilant fascism, you’re way out of your depth. stick to what you know :pool-sitting, sorority girls, squeezie bottles,tequila, tacos and mesclun mix.
April 19 at 4:24pm

Tomas Rahal honeybadger don’t give a [expletive]!
April 19 at 4:35pm

Mono Loco not sure how this segued into charitable work…but knowing how your brain works I guess it all par for the course…but to suggest that only Mas can’t safely juggle the intricate complexities of dining and music and the rest of us mere peasants should thank you and praise hero worship for rescuing babies whilst putting out fires and app carrying your trash to who knows where is bordering on ludicrous…even for your larger than life ego…and I love you too bro!
April 19 at 5:20pm

Tomas Rahal Wow I know Im in sharky waters when you mention love! But I’m not surprised you miss the connections in all of this. We’ll keep on keepin on. I’m glad the peasants have you as a spokesperson. […] I would love to have your input in a public forum since your opinions are so representative of the mainstream. […]
April 19 at 6:18pm

Mono Loco Just for the record I was in attendance at city hall when the subject was broached on the sly by one Mr. Tolbert…word quickly spread…and the outpouring of support from local musicians and business operators (Maya, Beer Run, The Local, Blue Moon Diner, The Garage The Tea Baazar, Random Row Books and others is what lead to this decision…
April 20 at 9:47am

Tomas Rahal we’ll have to wait and see if this musical triage yields results.jim tolbert has consistently changed with the wind because he knows he’s not up for re-election, and the folks stomping in and screaming that music will die don’t vote. hell you don’t even vote in charlottesville. these concerned barkeeps will have to choose soon, increased revenues in food sales, or just booze? when they are taxed higher because their programming requires more resources from the city that regulates their licenses, what then? a discount for doofuses? […] right now, everyone is doubling down on pocket queens. good luck with that.
April 20 at 11:05am

Mono Loco at first i was going to counter by calling you Bill ‘O Baggins for you obvious rantings bereft of facts or fact checking!!…( i was at the city hall meetings, we also have supported varied charities, i have spoken on a UVA panel along with Rob Archer about minority run businesses, we also pay a large fee for trash removal and water..not even sure what the water/parking lot diatribe is about, we also pay ascap…and we pay plenty of im not sure about how we’re in any way abusing or cajoling the system) …but these recent musings and harkening of gambling our restaurants away on short rift traveling musical […] is clearly more Beckian in its doom like scenarios and the false prophets of musical chicanery being being pulled over our “lack of depth” heads will most assuredly be our chariot to damnation… […] “live by the thugs die by the thugs…that was your quote and perhaps a telling vision of your communal view…one might venture to say that maybe YOUR charitable deeds aren’t yet accomplished…
April 20 at 12:47pm

Tomas Rahal […] We’re not anti- music just anti-dumbass which understandably u take offense with. […] U keep pretending to be down with local musicians but I can’t find your commitment anywhere. Your o’reilly tactics won’t work here. The local musicians eat @ Mas. We’re no threat to them so see but try it & where this gets you. Maybe you’ll sell more wings. You walk alone cholo
April 20 at 4:17pm

Mono Loco Um…many play and eat here as well..I’m not sure exactly what your dealio with the one upsmansship is…oops I forgot…you invented the internet as well…well others can play in the pool as well…and if the whale moves over a tad…(yes your wake is as large as your braggart ways are wide)…you will notice that there are laws in place to control noise…those controls are still in place… …instead of further toiling down the rabbit hole that is your lack of a cogent point…trash collection and parking?!!…your charitable acts…or is that community service?…and yes I will acknowledge Mas at the center of the universe for all things local and wonderful…but first I suggest you troll back to the top of this thread and see that I merely reposted a @cvilletommorrow tweet…somehow this brought the wrath of boozy Khan down upon me…read the first line you said… “being loud and obnoxious doesn’t make you good or successful”…and maybe read it again….slowly
April 20 at 4:53pm

Tomas Rahal Please Pepe Lopez u can never walk in my shoes accept your role as kaeto and move on. U continue to speak from a position of ignorance and arrogance. Stand on top of your trash heap and proclaim “ I’m king of the world”. […] Tonight I’m hurting by the death of a true friend, Terry seig so [expletive] off
April 20 at 6:12pm

Mono Loco …good grief is right…but wtf…is more like it…you need a effing proofreader…im arrogant??!!…you’re bloviated buffoonery seems to know no bounds….yet im arrogant?!!…well done Sir Mix it Up a Lot…you’ve somehow careened this convo into a ditch of your making…and now you wanna pull out the grief stricken card??…wow…well you’re right…i dont wanna walk in your plus size slip ons….that apparently have lost as most traction as this discussion…so i guess i’ll just retreat to my estate, lament my “king of the world ways” with some cheap beer and wait till they pass the tray of alms so that i may donate my piety to Mas and all that you’ve have done to/for us underlings…
April 21 at 11:34am 

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