Fall 2010: Feel good


Laine Welch, 29
Originally from Hampton Roads, VA
Occupation: Fundraising and Alumni Relations for UVA
“I love living in Charlottesville. There are so many smart, talented people here!”






Vaughan Keeney, 29
Originally from Franklin, VA
Occupation: Employee of Rhett Associates
“I like that I am really friendly and give everybody a fair chance.”













Abby Arnold, 47
Originally from McLean, VA
Occupation: Owner of the Ananda Community Center for Conscious Living
“I love finding a balance between my inner beliefs and outer life. I believe in encompassing work and life together, and I also love chocolate.”





Veronica Fitzhugh, 31
Originally from New Jersey
Occupation: Peer Support Specialist
“I’m satisfied that I can do something meaningful with my life.”













Mrinalini Chakravorty, 36
Originally from India
Occupation: English Professor at UVA
“Being eclectic is a personal aesthetic for me.”