Fall 2010: Check her bag!


Scout Charlottesville publisher Susie Matheson believes one thing: “If the local stores disappear, every town becomes the same.” Accordingly, she spends a lot of time promoting all things Charlottesville, whether through her blog (scoutcharlottesville.com), her free iPhone app (search “SCOUT-cville”) or The Scout Guide, soon to be released in its second edition. Knowing she’d have a lot of local goodies, we took a peek inside her purse. 












Clockwise from top right:

LemLem scarf: “I wear it as a sarong or a wrap in the evenings when it gets cold.”

Made with Love bracelets from E.G.: “I put them on for working or at night for going out. You can hand a few off to friends; makes a great quick present.”

UV Protection: “These vintage sunglasses are from an old warehouse. Scarpa has a bunch of different kinds and they’ve never been worn.”

Chuck Pinnell keychain from And George (3465 Ivy Rd., 244-2800): “I love that I can wear it around my wrist.”

Bristols6 Stylin’ Tape: “This is an easy fix for a loose hem.”

Bliss Sunban Face: “Easy coverage and it smells amazing.”

SCOUT change purse from Creme de la Creme: “I like this not only for the Scout name, but also the Dachshunds.”

Becca Cosmetics makeup palette: “Easy makeup after a morning of Ashtanga Yoga—shower at AYC and off I go!”

Beauty for Real lip gloss in Sun Light from Neroli Spa & Apothecary (2118 Barracks Rd., 984-3450): “This I love. So subtle and so pretty.”

Fekkai ‘Marine Summer Hair’ spray: “I use this when I am at the beach—swim, shower, done.”

Miel de Abejas makeup bag from e.g. (109 S. First St., 979-2888): “These are so great, and they have a whole assortment of sizes in that bag.”

Wish paper from Creme de la Creme (2138 Barracks Rd., 296-7018): “It’s a good thing to take out to dinner…or to entertain crying kids.” Most of the paper goods in Matheson’s purse are from Creme de la Creme.

Her Look Commando Cotton underwear from Derriere de Soie (105 E. Main St., 977-7455): “My mother always said to have a spare pair.”

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit: “For a gift, of course!”

MacBook and Birthday book: “I live for my computer, but still love the little leather reminders.”

Dog treats from Sammy Snacks (2130 Barracks Rd., 984-5941): “I usually have three dogs in tow.”

Lollia lotion: “This hand creme smells wonderful!”

The bag: Matheson says this Carla Mancini bag from Scarpa (2114 Barracks Rd., 296-0040) is “my new fall bag.”

Knife: “Such a beautiful pocket knife from Creme de la Creme—good for protection.”

Gift cards: “I always carry these and a little ribbon to attach to a bottle of wine I need to pick up on the way to a dinner party.”

Apple iPhone: “I use it to check my SCOUT-cville app.”

Kiehl’s Original Musk perfume: “It’s labeled ‘Love Oil,’ and it’s great because men and women can both wear it.”

Yellow wallet: “I got this at Scarpa. Yellow is the color for fall, they tell me.”

Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic: “I bought this for jet lag recovery before heading to Italy.”

The Good Dog matches: “These make an easy gift. Tie a ribbon around them, done.”