Dump at the Teahouse, CLAW, Birdlips and lots more

This week’s Feedback column I interviewed James McNew, a former Charlottesville resident who went on to great success as the bassist of Yo La Tengo. When not playing that band, however, McNew records music for his sideproject, called Dump, which plays in town this weekend at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar.

Birdlips rarely passes through town without some fanfare on this blog, so the fact that I’m mentioning it so late is something of a first. (Chalk it up to our work on the Best Of issue, which hits stands Tuesday.) The once-local duo has been on the road as part of its "DRIFT" project, wherein they pretty much move around and record music wherever. Lucky! Austin’s Royal Forest and the eclectic local rock group Manorlady open. That’s Saturday at the Southern.

Another event that rarely escapes our notice that did this time: CLAW returns to the Blue Moon Diner tomorrow with all funny outfit wearing, arm-wrestling, super-sassy ladies you can handle. This month’s theme: ACLAWcalypse Now. Read about how CLAW is sweeping the nation here.

Slightly NSFW ACLAWcalypse trailer.

And for you classicists, tonight the Jefferson hosts Alligator, the local old-guard celebration of early Grateful Dead. The band features members of Indecision, Skip Castro Band, William Walter, and The Casuals. Sounds fun!

The Dead plays Alligator in August of ’67.

But that’s not all, folks. Be sure to pick up a copy of C-VILLE and check out our arts calendar. We work hard on it!

What’re you up to this weekend?