Drink up

So, it’s the day before New Year’s Eve and, frankly, I am dreading tomorrow night. It is supposed to be an evening of wild debauchery and revelry, but if I see another alcoholic beverage within 20’ of me, I feel like I’m going to want to run screaming in the other direction. I am holiday-ed out. Too much eating. Too much drinking. My body has had enough.

My roommates and I were comparing bodily notes, all three of us bemoaning the sad state of our livers, when we decided to do something about our bodies apart from complaining. One roommate suggested a juice fast, and having known another friend who has sung its praises, I agreed. Our third roommate was soon on board as well. Come January 5 (we have a dinner party to host on the fourth), we are commencing our five-day juice fast. It will be hell.

That said, juice fasts should not be taken lightly, and so I have begun to do some preparatory research into how to go about such a fast. It’s no big surprise, but the place to learn about your 2009 juice fast is (drum roll) Juice Fasting Dot Org. Here you can find out about the healing powers of a variety of vegetables you might be curious about juicing (sweet potatoes, collards, spinach) or how to modify the fast with some food (slices of avocado or banana) or how it affects your metabolism (it can lower it). It also explains some of what is going on with your colon and intestines when doing the fast.

Truth be told, the people who run the site are a little loopy and New Agey, but maybe a juice fast is a little loopy or New Agey and so it just comes with the territory.