Doh! Where’s the dough? [April 4]

Doh! Where’s the dough? [April 4]

The Daily Progress reports today that, while a committee of city residents and officials has chosen a design for the future interchange at the 250 Bypass and McIntire Road, there’s one wee problem: The City has $29.6 million gathered for the project, but the cost of the design is estimated at $35 million. “It is certainly a challenge,” Owen Peer, a consultant on the project, told the Progress. He also added that refinements to the design could cause the projected cost to go down. Or up. City Council is expected to vote on the design in April. Anyone got $5.4 mil they can spare?

$35 million diamond: City money for the 250 Interchange is $5.4 million shy of the estimated cost.

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