Day 77: Vampires amongst us


Happy Monday, bricksters! Boy, do we have a treat for you today. …Well, really, we had this treat for you last Monday, but we wanted to save it, as we thought it would be more appropriate this week. 

As you (probably don’t) know, brickies, this here is Rome Week at the 200 east block (Central Place), celebrating the completion of the rebricking in that area. You can expect special Italian treats and coffee at participating restaurants throughout the week, an Italian opera performance at Siips (Friday), SPCA adoptables (Saturday and Sunday) and a special screening of Cinema Paradiso at the Paramount on Sunday. Ecco the trailer:

And now, how that fits into our surprise…

It is amazing, to those of us behind Brick Watch, when we stumble upon something brick-related outside of our fair city. Imagine, then, how we must have felt when we found this! Bricks in Italy? During a week with a Roman-themed block party? Why, it’s almost too coincidental. We think the vampires were behind it. …Somehow.