Dave and Tim played the Pavilion this weekend

Dave and Tim (no need for last names here, folks) played the Pavilion this weekend, and C-VILLE’s John Robinson was on hand to catch the action. If you haven’t heard, tickets were sold through JustGive.org, which allows concertgoers to donate the price of their ticket to a charity of their choice.

Though the numbers won’t be in until the end of September, according to Red Light Management, the duo raised $1m at a pair of concerts in Seattle last year. Tickets to Saturday’s Warren Haynes Band concert were also sold through JustGive.org.

A brief aside: Though I had it on good authority—from Dave’s guitar tech himself!—that he’d be playing a locally-made Rockbridge acoustic, it appears that Dave opted for his trusty Taylor. Can’t pin that guy down!

What’d you think of the show?