Dave and Tim, Best of C-VILLE weekend and Democrats vote

If you haven’t already heard yet, you stood no chance of buying one of the tickets for the Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds charity show at the Pavilion on Saturday. NBC29 reports that tickets sold out in—how low can you go?—three minutes. Dang, Dave. Nonprofits around town had been e-jockeying for ticketbuyers to donate the cost of their tickets to them via justgive.org, through which Dave and Tim raised a cool $1m last year in Seattle.

If you were still hoping to go to the second big event on Saturday night, you’ll probably have no luck there either: Warren Haynes Band’s show at the Jefferson is also sold out. Looking for some perspective on the weekend? Check out this week’s Feedback column.

Some of the must-do events this weekend are only vaguely arts-related. First, you might’ve noticed a big, fat C-VILLE Weekly on the stands this week. Upon opening it (or going here) you’ll see that it’s our annual Best Of issue, which can only mean one thing: the Best of C-VILLE party. If you’re in the winner’s circle (or any C-VILLE-related circle, really) we’ll look forward to seeing you there. If not, the Box, next to the Landmark Hotel on Second Street, hosts an afterparty at 11pm.

Tomorrow, local Democrats convene for a firehouse primary to determine who will earn the hotly contested City Council nomination, before the elections in November. We put together a primer on candidates’ stances on the arts as well as other topics. Details for the firehouse primary are here.