Car talk

I am not in the habit of hawking the commercial sites of major companies. But times are so tough that I am even feeling a little pain for The Man, and don’t feel as bad about giving AutoZone a shout-out as I might have in the past. Plus, AutoZone has a pretty great website. Especially for someone like me, who knows crap about cars. See, I would love to be one of those women who can hang with the men when it comes to talking brake fluid and carburetors. But alas…

I’ve just discovered, however, that AutoZone’s website facilitates a little fakery on the subject of “What you gonna do about that there pile a junk to make it run right?” The site’s “Repair Info” page is a total gem. It has comprehensive online repair information for pretty much any vehicle made since 1930, taking you through the process of choosing the year of your vehicle, the make, the model, the type of engine, and then giving you information on how to fix whatever the problem with that engine might be. If you don’t know yet what the problem is, you can click on the “Troubleshooting” link and tell the site what your vehicle’s ailment looks, feels, smells or sounds like, and the AutoZone monkeys in the computer will pinpoint what kind of problem they think you have on your hands.

Of course, you won’t tell anyone that monkeys figured it out for you. You can claim credit for having solved the problem yourself.