Big juicy kiss from Green Scene to you

Big juicy kiss from Green Scene to you

In the spirit of celebration which informs Ye Giante Best Of C-VILLE issue (on newsstands today!), Green Scene is going to take a one-day break from snide remarks and negative outlooks. Instead of griping, just for today, we will be hyping! Charlottesville really is a pretty forward-thinking place when it comes to greenness, and Green Scene is proud to live here. We decided to make that point by strolling the Downtown Mall and finding one piece of evidence for local sustainability on each block. Good news: It wasn’t hard at all.

Vines grow toward the waiting trellis on the LEED-certified Downtown Transit Center.

The CCDC spreads the word.

Xeriscaped public plantings, with web address posted for the curious.

Doing the unglamorous work to cut down on waste.

A reminder that the Mall is a wildly successful experiment in foot traffic.

More human-powered transport…

…plus public transit people actually enjoy using.

In the window of Escafé, a flyer for local eco-educators Backyard Revolution.

The best part? These examples don’t even include the numerous businesses on the Mall that are selling locally-roasted coffee and locally-grown food, used books and furniture, organic cotton clothes, and other goods that are better for the planet. This town is crawling with ’em.

Best Sea Change: Here in Charlottesville, we really do have green on the brain.