Barack Obama, Man of Good Fonts

Barack Obama, Man of Good Fonts

Actually, this post is about random tidbits; I just wanted to say that. But it did occur to me the other night, while watching an Obama ad, that I’m down with the sans serif the campaign has been using.

Hey, speaking of design, have you seen the Republicans For Obama logo on the campaign website? For some reason it cracks me up.

Trotting pachyderms for change!

Um, in other news, a source told me today that some kind of permit has been issued for crowds gathering on the Downtown Mall on election night. I will try to find out more about this soon. Personally, I would love to see Charlottesville look a little like this if Obama wins.

So how about that 30-minute infomercial? At first I thought it a tad schmaltzy, then I found myself surprisingly moved, especially by the older couple being slowly bankrupted by the woman’s prescriptions. This country’s health care insurance system is utterly barbaric. I was also thinking how Obama could undo his whole campaign in an instant if he dropped his drawers and mooned the camera, but fortunately he didn’t do that.

On a wonkier note, I recommend checking out this article from McClatchy addressing the right’s disproportionate focus on the role of Fannie Mae in the financial crisis.