Assault on vehicles on West Main Street leads to two felonies against three teens


According to a resident of W. Main Street (who wishes to remain anonymous as a victim of a crime), he was awakened Tuesday morning around 3 or 4am by a police officer knocking on his door—who told him that his car was on fire. When he went down to the parking lot, a fire truck and two squad cars were parked outside. Only the singed frame of his vehicle was left and all the windows were smashed out.

“It was a strange night,” he says.

The destruction of his car was actually part of a larger spree involving three teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16, who smashed out the windows of several cars with hammers and crowbars. The W. Main Street resident’s car was burned from a flare tossed in by the teens. It was the only car burned.

All three teens have been charged with two felonies each: a breaking and entering charge and also a charge for burning of a vehicle. All three teens are city residents and juveniles so their names have not been released. According to city spokesperson Ric Barrick, they were released on their own recognizance or to their parents.