Around the Bend: Doctor, lawyer ,architect?


How many times have we heard, "You, too, can be a lawyer, doctor or an architect?" It is an exhortation given to young people looking ahead to the world of work.

It is a grossly misleading and frankly a wrong truism. Right off the bat, I will start with myself. I have neither the intelligence, talent or drive for any of those three. I feel very blessed to have found a profession suited to my limited range of talents. As a reference librarian, I found the perfect niche for a gregarious generalist  

There are over 800 occupations listed in an annual  Dept. Of Labor publication. Each is valid and a good fit for someone. With the right attitude and circumstances, all work has its merit, even nobility. It’s what you put into it.

I have a wonderful example. A cousin’s husband worked in construction until he injured his back. He took a job as an elementary school custodian. Harold’s warm personality made him a good fit right away and he much enhanced his value because  he is a an accomplished cartoonist. Kids would come in to school to find one of Harold’s wondrous creations on the blackboard. Harold was one of the most popular staff members and I am sure that years later, students remember him fondly. He made a difference. And, Harold was "only" a janitor, not a distinguished title, but he made it special and probably more satisfying than many more prestigious jobs.

So, no, you can’t become anything you want to be (another misleading cliche) but there are many options in the world of work. You, too, can be a nurse, a welder, a copy editor, a waitress, or a tree surgeon….