“You’re Cut Off,” “Work of Art,” “True Blood”


 “You’re Cut Off”

Wednesday 9pm, VH1

Are you appalled by the behavior of the spoiled, entitled princesses that populate trashy TV shows like “My Super Sweet 16” or the “Real Housewives” franchises? Then grab your schadenfreude spoon and slurp up every second of this show as if it were sweet nectar for the soul. “You’re Cut Off” is the latest of VH1’s boot camp-style shows, in which nine appalling young women are financially disowned by their bankrolling families until they can get a clue about what vapid, selfish humans they are. I’m paraphrasing, but not much. They’ll live in a house together, governed by a life coach, and receive a weekly allowance, learn how to cook and clean for themselves, and get a crash course in the real value of a dollar. The meltdowns should be utterly humiliating. I can’t wait.


“Work of Art”

Wednesday 11pm, Bravo

From the makers of “Top Chef” and “Project Runway”—not to mention executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker—comes this new talent competition to find the America’s next great visual artist. I’m intrigued, but concerned. For every “PR” and “TC” there’s a “Step It Up and Dance” or, God forbid, “Top Design.” The creative process for visual artists would logically seem more camera-friendly than clueless decorators picking out vases, and I can imagine some really fascinating challenges. But there’s already a bit of a backlash toward the show in the too-cool-for-school art crowd. At least the judging panel is legit, specifically New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz. 


“True Blood”

Sunday 9pm, HBO

Most of my friends hated Season 2 of this filthy, filthy vampire drama, but I liked it just fine. I agree that the Maryann plotline went on too long, but I have a weakness for both Michelle Forbes and community-wide pagan orgies. Season 3 starts tonight, and you can expect werewolves—and lots of them! Everyone’s favorite telepathic waitress, Sookie (Anna Paquin), will run afoul of the lycanthropes while searching for her kidnapped boyfriend, Vampire Bill. But the case is tangled, and will involve all sorts of new characters, including the aforementioned wolf pack, a few new vampire kings of the south, and some new shape-shifters. Expect all of it to push Sookie and hot Viking vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) even closer together, which can only lead to more nudity. Everybody wins!