Winter C Magazine: What's in Kelly Cox's purse?



(Photo by Cramer Photo)

Once a therapist for foster kids, 36-year-old Kelly Cox has been practicing yoga since grad school to alleviate the stress of her busy schedule. These days, yoga is her busy schedule. The co-owner of Downtown yoga studio Bend spends her time instructing children, teens and expectant mothers, and serving on the board of the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. As she says, “If you live in a community but don’t participate, what’s the point?” Let’s take a peek in her purse.

The bag: It’s a Big Buddha; they make vegan bags that are gorgeous. You can buy them locally at Jean Theory.

Reading glasses: I don’t wear them nearly as often as I should.

Sunglasses: Classic Ray Ban aviators are the best sunglasses ever made.

A Hobo wallet: A gift from some friends years ago, it just gets better with time.

Make-up bag: It has very little make-up [in it], but always has ChapStick. I have an unhealthy obsession with ChapStick and have to have some with me at all times. Today, there are five in the bag.

Stella perfume: It’s a great scent for day or evening.

iPhone: I would be a mess if I lost it, I don’t know anyone’s phone number.

Ear buds: I try to walk everywhere I go and love listening to music along the way.

Notebook: I am old school, I still really love to write things down. Crossing something out is also a rather nice feeling. There are usually papers sticking out of it and it’s full of things I will get to someday.

White amethyst: I got that at a yoga retreat. I’m sure it does something—I’m not sure about the power.