Who’s laughing now?


“Mixed Signals”
Tuesday 9:30pm, Fox
Another international export, this new comedy is an American translation of the Israeli series “Ramzor.” (Doesn’t the original title make you think of some badass He-Man sidekick?) For such an exotic start the concept is rather mundane: Three lifelong friends cope with the different relationships in their lives. Mike (David Denman, Pam’s former fiancé Roy on “The Office”) is married with a kid, but desperately wants some alone time. Adam has recently moved in with his girlfriend, and is exploring the contours of that fresh hell. And Ethan is an aging ladies’ man who is starting to realize that the perpetual man-boy shtick really isn’t so cute after a certain age. Standard mid-season fare, but it can’t be worse than “Running Wilde.”

“Mr. Sunshine”
Wednesday 9:30pm, ABC
I fear that history is about to repeat itself for Matthew Perry. After the mega success of “Friends” the former Chandler Bing signed on to what looked like a sure-fire hit: Aaron Sorkin’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” a much-hyped show with an interesting premise and a stacked supporting cast. The show was awful, and was cancelled after one season. Now he’s back with another much-hyped show with an interesting premise and a stacked supporting cast. “Mr. Sunshine” finds Perry as the harried manager of a sports arena where weird shit happens, like elephant escapes and Smurf fights. He’s joined by the awesome Allison Janney, James Lesure (“Las Vegas”), and Andrea Anders (“Better Off Ted”), who all deserve better based on the preview clips.

“53rd Annual Grammy Awards”
Sunday 8pm, CBS
The nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards are mostly predictable—a bunch of Lady Antebellum, Eminem, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and a sentimental nod or two to Michael Jackson. But for my money, the Best Dance Category is pretty ferosh, with Robyn, La Roux, Goldfrapp, Gaga and Rihanna in the mix. I love all those ladies, and I’m not sure which one I’d favor. Regardless of who wins, the big story of the night is always the performers. This year’s crop includes Bruno Mars, B.o.B., Janelle Monae (love her), Cee-lo Green, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert, Usher, and zygotes Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. Rumor has it that a good weave’s worst nightmare, Britney Jean Spears, may open the show with her new single, “Hold It Against Me.” I would, Brit, but then I’d get Cheeto dust all over my fancy dressin’ shirt!