What’s Happening at the Jefferson School City Center?

Common Ground’s annual sit-a-thon aims to raise funds to bring the healing arts to many in Charlottesville Common Ground’s annual sit-a-thon aims to raise funds to bring the healing arts to many in Charlottesville

Phoebe Haupt, Program Manager for Common Ground at the Jefferson School City Center, is looking for people who have a talent for sitting.  “Our Sit-A-Thon is the most blissful fundraiser to hit Charlottesville,” she said. “This is an opportunity to invest in your own wellness and expand your mindfulness practice. Or, for beginners, this is an opportunity to meditate while supporting a good cause.”

Unlike walk-a-thons or marathons, this is not a test of endurance. This will be a guided meditation with periods of sitting, standing, and walking. Chairs are provided or you can bring a cushion. The sit-a-thon will be held on July 13, 2013 from 9 to 11am at the sanctuary space of The Haven in downtown Charlottesville. Pat Coffey, Senior Teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition, will be leading the two-hour meditation. It will be appropriate for both experienced meditators and those who have never meditated and would like to learn the basics. A reception will follow.

“This will be a fun event that is accessible for everyone, no matter what their meditation skill, background or level of experience,” said Haupt. “Anyone can join us—from beginner to advanced. There is no minimum donation.” Drop-ins are welcome on the day of the event. Preregistration is not required.

Common Ground at the Jefferson School City Center provides services on a sliding scale basis, making the center accessible to all. This year they expect to provide $200,000 worth of healing arts to those who would not have otherwise had access to it. In addition, Common Ground’s outreach program educates the community on new ways to take charge of their health. Practitioners teach and inspire participants to take charge of their health through practices such as yoga, acupuncture, herbalism, meditation, massage therapy, and mindfulness-based counseling. To learn more, visit Common Ground’s website.

Maintenance problems still affect some programs at Jefferson School City Center

cleanupA broken hot water heater line and the resulting chemical spill from the Jefferson School City Center’s HVAC system has left a few of the tenants still in disarray. The leak happened on the second floor, flooding The Women’s Initiative, Martha Jefferson’s Star Hill Health Center, and part of the fitness center at Carver Recreation. The water cascade affected the two programs directly below them, the Vinegar Hill Café and the Mary Williams Community Center. The fitness center and Café were quickly cleaned up and reopened. The Women’s Initiative, Martha Jefferson’s Starr Hill Health Center, and the Mary Williams Community Center are still closed while under repair.

Emily Daidone, Manager of the Community Centers and Home Delivered Meals at JABA said,  “Our main room at the Jefferson School City Center was heavily affected by the HVAC malfunction. Structural repairs are being made to the room and the ceiling is being replaced. Many supplies were damaged as well. Thanks to quick communication, clear directions, and fast acting staff, our center members were evacuated quickly and safely.”

The work is estimated to take several weeks. “The malfunction was unfortunate,” said Daidone. “However, the support of the other tenants and the quick communication from all involved has provided reassurance and guidance for staff. Our seniors and we are grateful!”

The Vinegar Hill Café lost three days of revenue and the staff had to take personal days as time off. Despite the hassle, Café manager Joel Schechtman remained upbeat. “The management company (CBRE) was great. And there were a number of HAZMAT guys and Fire Department guys checking on the air quality to make sure everything is clean and safe. We were very excited to re-open.”

New tutor training at Literacy Volunteers offered Saturday, July 13

At one point this summer, Literacy Volunteers had 44 adults on the waiting list to enter the program and be matched with a tutor. Requests for services since moving to the Jefferson School City Center have greatly increased. In order to have more tutors available to meet the demand, the next tutor training is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, 9:30am to 4 pm. Food from the Vinegar Hill Café is provided for lunch.

New tutor trainings are designed to give volunteers all the skills they need to be great tutors. No teaching experience is necessary but patience is helpful. Register for the July 13 training or get more information by calling 434-977-3838.

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