UPDATE: Day three: Weather delays demolition


Because of today’s rain, progress on the rebricking has slowed. Chris Weatherford, with Barton Malow, says that some construction crews were working this morning, but not all. Still, the project is on schedule, "even though we were a little slow this morning," Weatherford says.

The crews are back out there now, working to make up the time lost this morning. "We’re just gonna work real hard," he says. As for future weather-related delays, Weatherford says the schedule is tight. Crews aren’t currently working on Saturdays, but come a big snowfall or serious weather conditions, they may have to modify the schedule. For now, with just a few sprinkles coming down, demolition has resumed.

While you’re out walking around, if you happen to nab two of the old bricks, here’s a good way to use them: