T.V.: “Breaking In,” “The Ultimate Fighter Live,” “Shahs of Sunset”


“Breaking In”
Tuesday 9:30pm, Fox
This Christian Slater comedy about a high-tech security firm got the ax after its brief mid-season run last year. It was so dead, in fact, that main cast member Odette Annable got a new gig on the rapidly dying “House.” Then Fox did an unexpected turnaround and resurrected the show, but with some important changes. Chief among them was the addition of the brilliant Megan Mullally, best known as Karen from “Will & Grace,” who will play the wildly inappropriate boss of Slater’s character. She’ll be joined by her British assistant, played by Erin Richards (the U.K. version of “Being Human”), as well as returning cast members Slater and the adorable Bret Harrison, with Annable appearing in a handful of episodes. Mullally can only help elevate this show, but I hope this doesn’t mean we’ll be permanently deprived of Tammy 2 on “Parks & Recreation.”

“The Ultimate Fighter Live”
Friday 9pm, FX
Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about sports. Have never been able to get into them, with the exceptions of the Olympics and the Puppy Bowl. But even I have become aware of the surging popularity of mixed-martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, an intense competition that features guys beating the living shit out of each other in a variety of fighting styles, like karate, boxing, wrestling, etc. The sport broke into the mainstream with “The Ultimate Fighter,” a reality competition that aired on the Spike network starting in 2005. After 14 seasons the UFC is moving to FX, and season 15 of “The Ultimate Fighter” will include the same bloody, bone-crunching fights, but with some important differences: The competition is being filmed in real time, and the big weekly fights will air live. More than two-dozen fighters are involved this year, including some familiar faces from the fighting world.

“Shahs of Sunset”
Sunday 10pm, Bravo
Having found success following tacky-ass white women with the majority of the “Real Housewives” franchises, Bravo now turns its reality-TV cameras on the relatively invisible Persian-American community. “Shahs of Sunset” follows six crazy-wealthy 30somethings from a variety of Middle Eastern backgrounds. There’s MJ, the party girl; Mike, the “recovering player”; Sammy, the budding sugar daddy; GG, the husband hunter; Asa, the bohemian Iranian refugee; and Reza, who is openly gay even in this fairly restrictive community.