Anthony Filiano led the study that suggests immune cells control social behavior, which could impact schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.
Anita Impagliazzo/UVA Health

UVA researchers discover immune cells call the shots

Groundbreaking research has emerged from UVA researchers showing that immune cells control social behavior. Last year, the same lab debunked a long-held scientific belief that the brain lacked a connection with the immune system, which will require medical textbooks to be rewritten. The researchers, led by Jonathan Kipnis, chairman of the department of neuroscience in […]

Our annual look at Charlottesville's movers and shakers.

The Power Issue

Discussions for this year’s list of the most powerful in Charlottesville turned not toward one particular person but an entity that truly affects Charlottesvillians’ daily lives—the Virginia Department of Transportation. Don’t worry, you’ll still see some familiar faces (last year’s power-topper Mark Brown remains embroiled in a battle with the city over the Water Street Parking Garage), […]