A UVA fraternity party in fall 2014. Photo: Martyn Kyle

UVA sorority women speak out over party ban

You could call it Rolling Stone fallout, part two. Sorority women at UVA are furious over the collective decision of the leaders of their 16 national organizations to bar them from the Greek-wide party known as Boys’ Bid Night, scheduled for this Friday, January 31, and are speaking out nationally about what they see as […]

Photo: Martyn Kyle

National sororities ban UVA chapters from major party weekend

Citing safety concerns, 16 national sorority organizations have banned their UVA chapters from participating in what is historically one of the biggest party nights for University Greeks. Sorority women at UVA are banned from attending parties scheduled for this coming Saturday, January 31. The evening known as “Boys’ Bid Night” celebrates the day University men accept fraternities’ invitations to […]