Employees at the UVA-affiliated Boar's Head Inn say that even after two investigations found their employer had violated labor laws, wage issues persist at the resort. Staff photo.

UVA Foundation-owned Boar’s Head under fire for wage issues

Hospitality staff at the Boar’s Head Inn, the Ivy resort owned and operated by UVA’s nonprofit development corporation, are complaining of unpaid wages and retaliation by management, and their outcry has shed light on a history of labor law violations at the University-affiliated hotel and country club. In an anonymous letter mailed last month to […]

Ann Lawrence Grasty says her son, Pierce, is more verbal than some kids on the autistic spectrum and she hopes the study might improve upon those skills. Photo: Elli Williams

Connecting the dots: UVA takes part in a nationwide autism study

Eight local autistic children are participating in a nationwide study that could change the way developmental disorders are perceived and treated. Most existing autism medications only treat the irritability and aggressive aspects of the disorder, and for the first time, doctors are testing a drug that could improve social interaction and communication skills. ConnectMe is […]