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ARTS Pick: Soggy Po’ Boys bring the NOLA sound

ARTS Pick: Soggy Po’ Boys bring the NOLA sound

The Soggy Po’ Boys are a lot more appetizing than they sound. The six-man band formed in New Hampshire, but its members are firmly rooted in the ways of NOLA jazz, from vintage outfits to the instruments themselves—among them a piano, two saxophones and a stand-up bass that looks straight out of a 1960s club. […]

On its new self-titled release, Restroy combines grunge, electronic, classical and mbira music into avant-garde compositions. Photo by Amy Jackson

ARTS Pick: Restroy releases self-titled debut

It’s more than a push of a button when Restroy’s Chris Damman sends a wave of electricity through his carefully composed cello numbers. Despite using electronic drones and noise, the acoustic instrument is the foundation of sound for Damman, who is so physically in tune with his cello that it’s actually changed his posture. On […]

Catherine Monnes performs at The Bridge PAI’s Telemetry series on Saturday. Photo by Tom Daly

Catherine Monnes is bringing music to life

In the sunflower yellow kitchen at the back of her narrow house, Catherine Monnes drops a few thistle teabags into a pink tulip-shaped teapot full of boiling water. She slides the lid into place and carries the pot into her plant-filled sunroom. The evening light is disappearing behind the trees in her North Downtown yard […]