Planning & Development

Landmark hotel. Staff photo.

Blight reprieve: Landmark owner agrees to city’s demands

With a fresh promise from the Landmark hotel owner that he’ll secure, clean, and structurally assess the hulking unfinished structure on the Downtown Mall, Charlottesville City Council voted on Tuesday, February 18 to defer a formal blight declaration. The new and apparently conciliatory approach of the unfinished hotel’s owner stands in contrast to what has […]

The Western Bypass. File image.

What you think of the Western Bypass—in your own words

The results of last November’s local and state elections were fuel on the ever-burning fire that is the debate over the Western Bypass. With a new anti-road majority on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors—which appoints crucial voting members to the purse string-holding Metropolitan Planning Organization—and the departure of a governor and transportation secretary who […]