Planning & Development

Ting employees have been installing
this lightning-fast Internet service in Charlottesville since June. Staff photo

Lightning fast: Ting’s grand plans to expand

Just five months after Ting launched its high-speed Internet network in Charlottesville, the company has given almost half the city access to the gigabit. Ting describes the gigabit as “lightning fast” (gigabit refers to a speed of one gigabit per second, and one gigabit equals 1,000 megabits), and its network requires not just stringing cables up […]

A bridge similar to the one Diane Berlin proposes at Rolkin Road already exists on Emmet Street. The difference? Rolkin’s will be longer, with the potential to be cheaper, and will feature an elevator on one side and ramps on the other. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Up and over: Why some are begging for a bridge

Route 250, deemed a traffic nightmare by drivers of the 32,000 cars that travel it daily, virtually splits residential neighborhoods on one side and businesses on the other. Some think the next step for Albemarle should be building a walkway across the busy highway—because most pedestrians fear crossing the street on foot, but would prefer […]

The prep work to hang the Blade at the Paramount is underway. Staff photo

Construction crews prepare for the Blade

Signs and sandwich boards on the historic Downtown Mall may soon be outshone by the reinstallation of a much anticipated, 33-foot sign at the Paramount Theater. As the theater celebrates its 10th anniversary of reopening, construction crews prepare to bring back the Blade—a $175,000 project to put the Paramount’s iconic blade sign back in its […]