Performing Arts

A voluntary, pay-what-you-can system encourages everyone to participate in Cora Dance Company’s exploration of movement and “common dances.”

ARTS Pick: HILL & down here

New York-based choreographer Shannon Hummel leads members of the Cora Dance Company in two distinct dance events. In HILL, modern dancers bring their boundary-breaking choreographic style in the form of a three-day, open to the public workshop that culminates in a modern performance that addresses life’s major roadblocks and resultant recalculations. down here is a […]

Veteran radio host Terry Gross reveals her inner drama queen when things go awry. “When Lou Reed walked out, even though there was nothing for us to broadcast, it gave the day a lot of drama, and it turned it into a very interesting day,” she said. Image: Will Ryan

Off the air and on the record with NPR’s Terry Gross

‘‘From WHYY in Philadelphia, I’m Terry Gross with ‘Fresh Air.’” Every NPR junkie knows this intro, and the anticipatory thrill as the warm, steady voice of Terry Gross floats through the radio speakers to set up the backstory of “Fresh Air’s” current interview guest. For almost 40 years, Gross has been conducting compelling, substantive interviews […]

Dreams of romance play out in a marital bidding war in Black Box Players (pictured L to R: Charif Soubra, Whitney Gatesman, Randy Clark, James Tubbs, Carrie Soubra) production of Oklahoma!.

ARTS Pick: Oklahoma

Follow along with Curly and Laurey in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!, the classic musical about young love in cowboy country. The Black Box Players community theater group is all ages and has been putting on shows since 1986, and it is sure to fill your head with infectious lines from showtune heavyweights like “I Cain’t […]