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Rainy Night at Place Edgar Quinet in Paris. Image by Peet Simard/Corbis.

ARTS Pick: Ash Lawn Opera’s La Bohème

If you prefer passionate narratives to summer blockbusters, then the annual Ash Lawn Opera Festival is probably already on your radar. The arts community stronghold is kicking off another season with Giacomo Puccini’s beloved masterpiece La Bohème. Set in 19th-century Paris, the foundation for the popular Broadway musical Rent follows a group of struggling artists […]

Gregg Lloyd (pictured) portrays Mark Rothko in a pivotal moment in the modern artist’s career. Michael Bailey.

Heritage Theatre Festival’s Red depicts an artist in turmoil

The year is 1958, and abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko sits in a chair in his New York studio, smoking a cigarette and considering the audience. Or rather an invisible canvas that hangs between us. Aside from a coffee pot, a phonograph, and scotch, every surface is dedicated to artistic detritus. Rusty buckets, stained drop […]