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Passion flares when aristocrat Julie (Anna Lien) sneaks into the servants quarters for some covert flirtation with Jean (Jonathan Karns) the footman. Photo Cory Capron.

ARTS Pick: Miss Julie

One midsummer’s eve, Julie, an upper class woman, and Jean, a valet at her father’s estate, struggle with misguided passion for each other and their own romanticized ideas of escape. Gorilla Theater Productions presents Miss Julie, by August Strindberg, a play about the tensions of class, desire, and the hunger for power. Through 8/11  $7-10, […]

A powerful family story (L to R: Ross Wheeler, Daniel J. Self, and Catherine Ogden) is set to rock music in Heritage Theatre Festival’s production of the award-winning Next to Normal. Photo Michael Bailey.

ARTS Pick: Next to Normal

The 2010 Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Next to Normal goes deep. Deeper, in fact, than many social constructs deem comfortable. The production’s dialogue allows the audience to reflect upon the turmoil of a family whose members are struggling to come to terms with the worsening bipolar disorder of their mother. Addressing issues associated with severe mental […]