Performing Arts

Sydney Saunders, Colette Rogers, and Brennan Reid at the Rising Stars Awards reception held by PCA.  Image: Courtesy of PCA

Rising Star Awards allow students to shine

Take a moment to remember what you were like at age 16—whether it was learning to drive, passing a chemistry test, or finding a date to the prom, you probably felt like you had your hands full with the basic American rites of passage. Well, 24 high school juniors and seniors are about to make you […]

Richard Cooper, Madeleine Lawson and Angelica Jackson star in Every Tongue Confess, the heavy-hitting opener of UVA Drama’s fall season. Image: Michael Bailey

ARTS Pick: Every Tongue Confess

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust—a series of church burnings sets UVA Drama’s new season in motion with Marcus Gardley’s acclaimed 2010 play Every Tongue Confess. Weaving Biblical lore with the true history of a small Alabama town, this Southern spectacle also mixes gospel and blues hits for a soaring metaphysical journey. Director Theresa Davis […]