Performing Arts

The Telegraph called the National Theatre’s War Horse “much more than a show for kids. It is one of the most powerfully moving and imaginative productions of the year, whatever age you happen to be.”

ARTS Pick: War Horse

A young boy and his beloved horse Joey are plucked from tranquil farm life in Devon and thrust into the depraved and violent landscape of World War I. Such is the tale of War Horse, adapted for the stage from the book by Michael Morpurgo, and broadcast live from the National Theatre in London. In […]

Museum is directed by UVA associate professor Doug Grissom and features new and seasoned actors alike. Phillip Rodgers (pictured) plays the guard watching over the exhibits.

ARTS Pick: Museum

If you’ve ever joined the hundreds of New York City spectators that flood the MoMA on Free Friday Nights, you know half the fun of modern art is watching the audience react. Tina Howe’s 1976 play Museum paints a meta-picture in bright, absurdist colors that details the chaos and conversation of 30-plus patrons during the […]