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The Der Vorführeffekt Theatre’s Three Kinds of Wildness is a lively, family friendly tale played out by bizarre, imaginative characters. Photo: publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Three Kinds of Wildness

An underground city exists within the deepest gold mine in the world, populated by an ice baron mayor, a dubious doctor, a woman who births animal parts, and other thrillingly nefarious characters. So sets the surreal scene for the Philidelphia-based Der Vorführeffekt Theatre’s new play Three Kinds of Wildness. Led by DIY diva Donna Oblongata, […]

Play along with The Cloak Mystery Players as they try to solve The Club Ritz Caper during an interactive dinner performance.
Publicity photo

Peter Ryan’s new dinner table drama

By turns a screenwriter, off-Broadway playwright, and local children’s theater author, Peter Ryan found his latest creative sweet spot at the Holiday Inn on Fifth Street. “This is theater for people who get restless during normal theater,” he said of his latest show, The Club Ritz Caper, which performs in the hotel restaurant during dinnertime. “It’s […]

The Ix complex, a former industrial site now home to shops and restaurants, is getting a makeover led by Brian Wimer. Photo courtesy Brian Wimer

Kickst-Art: Fundraiser helps Ix undergo creative metamorphosis

In the past several weeks, the Ix property between Elliott and Monticello avenues has begun to transform from a former industrial complex that’s home to retail businesses, restaurants, and the Newsplex television offices to an art park. Ix developers Ludwig and Fabian Kuttner envision a European-style piazza where the community can mingle amid a thriving […]