Performing Arts

UVA’s dance program and engineering department emphasize the interaction between art and technology in the Fall Experiemental Dance Concert. Photo courtesy of UVA.

ARTS Pick: Fall Experimental Dance Concert

This year’s Fall Experimental Dance Concert at UVA promises to leap the barre by integrating high tech with modern dance choreographed and performed by students and faculty from the University’s dance program and engineering department. The show consists of 10 pieces that explore identity and embodiment in relation to automation like “Is It Okay to Remain Seated?” […]

The eighth annual Best of Both Worlds Dance Competition inspires friendly rivalry and the joy of moving together. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Best of Both Worlds Dance Competition

Dance and step complement each other like peanut butter and jelly—and the Best of Both Worlds Dance Competition finds the top teams in a friendly battle during an evening filled with high-energy moves and grooves. The dance-off serves as a joyful celebration and an opportunity to connect with surrounding communities in a room full of […]