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Howard Pape had an “easy, natural generosity,” says his friend Jay Kessler, and he gave people what they needed, both personally and through Building Goodness and Live Arts.
Photo Karen Pape

Live Arts’ loss: Show must go on without Pape

Howard Pape spent his next-to-last day alive installing a real tree—upside down, so that its roots would be the branches—for the set he’d helped design for Live Arts’ upcoming production of To Kill a Mockingbird, according to director Fran Smith. Performing such formidable tasks for the community theater was his creative outlet, say his family […]

Patsy Cline’s signature song, “Crazy,” was written by Willie Nelson (pre-Nashville). Cline had trouble recording it, until she stopped trying to imitate Nelson’s unique voice and nailed it in one take. Photo: Public Domain,

ARTS Pick: A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline

The life of a country music icon plays out in the nationally acclaimed musical, A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline. In her short, notable career, Cline created the term crossover hit, as she intertwined country, pop and gospel, and proved a female headliner is a force to be reckoned with. This production captures her spirit […]

Follow Les Rorick, Roger Ainslie, Joseph Bromfield and Jacqueline Ford through the thrilling mismatch of romantic pursuits in UVA Drama’s The Triumph of Love. Photo: Michael Bailey

ARTS Pick: The Triumph of Love

Love conquers all, but not before it navigates a series of mishaps and disguises in UVA Drama’s The Triumph of Love. Award-winning director Chase Kniffen leads the cast through a contemporary approach to the 18th-century French comedy complete with razor-sharp wit, murderous subversion and a cross-dressing princess who stalks her love interest while constructing a […]