In First Man, Ryan Gosling turns fear and trial and error into heroism in his portrayal of Neil Armstrong.

Mission control: First Man’s storyline falls out of step

As Janet Armstrong, Claire Foy exclaims, “You’re just boys playing with balsa wood models!” to the NASA scientists preventing her from listening to the direct feed of husband Neil’s (Ryan Gosling) test flight. It’s a terrific dressing down of administrators more concerned with public relations than personnel, and a fitting description of space travel as […]

Max Patek, a programmer for the Charlottesville High School zero robotics team, says working through math and physics equations can be tough. Photo by
Mina Pirasteh

Space invaders: CHS robotics team goes international

A group of Charlottesville High School students are on an espionage mission from NASA to capture photographs of a competitor satellite while managing a limited store of energy and avoiding having their own satellite’s photo snatched by the competitor. BACON, or the Best All-around Club of Nerds, has been doing a pretty good job at it, […]