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A breathy vocal style, ambiguous lyrics, and sophisticated melodies are hallmarks of The Zombies’ sound.

ARTS Pick: The Zombies

As part of the first wave British invasion, The Zombies found American pop success in the darkly melodic “She’s Not There,” and disbanded in 1968, moments before “Time of the Season” topped the charts. After pursuing rewarding solo careers, the founding members have recently regrouped and made a new album Breathe Out, Breathe In, which […]

A student of Joe Satriani, Charlie Hunter has applied his versatile jazz guitar talent to solo work and collaborations that span genres for more than 20 years.

Interview: The ongoing innovation of jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter

Like most great jazz musicians, guitarist Charlie Hunter never gets complacent in his craft. Since emerging from California’s Bay Area in the early ’90s, the innovative ax slinger has defied convention by expanding the parameters of a guitarist’s role. The versatility starts with the ingenuity of his instrument, a custom-made, seven-string guitar that allows Hunter […]

Larry Keel’s mindblowing talent has made him a roots music Pied Piper. “There are a lot of bands in the younger market that have brought awareness to bluegrass music, but bluegrass music in general hasn’t been the most popular,” he said.

Music Resource Center lines up a big-name bluegrass show

Larry Keel, Virginia bluegrass legend, has lost it. Fortunately, he thinks he can find the old magic anytime he wants. “My beard and I have recently become separated,” Keel said. “But it will be back.” Over the years, Keel has sported a number of facial hairstyles, perhaps none more recognizable than the salt and pepper […]