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Overindulged at the table? Bust some moves at DJ Sir RJ’s Thanksgiving Afterparty at The Ante Room on Thursday night. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: DJ Sir RJ’s Thanksgiving Afterparty

When the last slice of pie is in crumbles, and the final quarter winds down on the game, skip the La-Z-Boy kickback and get movin’ with DJ Sir RJ’s Thanksgiving Afterparty. Hip-hop grooves hosted by Blacko & Sunshine are the gravy on a night of boogie from the ’ville with a second helping of music […]

Local musician Katie Wood launched the booking company Valence Shows to take on the duty of filling the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar’s live music calendar. Photo: Rammelkamp Foto

Tune up: A new generation of concert bookers finds its niche

“A valence bond is when atoms are held together by the electrons they share. It seemed really fitting for how music events can bring community members together through the things they share,” says Katie Wood, describing her new endeavor, Valence Shows. Under this moniker, Wood is one of the newest live music bookers in town. Wood’s […]

Sizzling in a combo of songwriting and fearlessness, Canadian Sarah Burton puts piano rock back in the mix at the Tin Whistle on Saturday. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Sarah Burton

After exploring forms ranging from acoustic folk to electric bluesy rock, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Sarah Burton revisited her original muse, the piano, on her latest indie-pop album. Burton’s fourth release, Make Your Own Bed, features clever wordplay and powerful, balanced instrumentals while reflecting her inimitable style—equal parts soulful and sassy. Saturday 11/21. Free, 9pm. Tin Whistle Irish […]