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Vampire Weekend overcame the backlash of a quick rise to fame by crushing the charts with its latest album, Modern Vampires of the City. Photo credit: Alex John Beck

ARTS Pick: Vampire Weekend

With it’s recent Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album, Vampire Weekend bites into a variety of styles with inspiration from Afro-pop and rock music of the past. Formed in New York City in 2006, and taking its name from a failed film project, the band rose to the top of the music world with […]

Mary Reynolds is the acclaimed lead singer for the soulful, classically trained duo Miss Brown to You appearing at Bon Cafe on Friday. Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Miss Brown to You

The Oklahoma duo Miss Brown to You featuring Mary Reynolds and Louise Goldberg plays a mix of jazz and folk in songs that are endearing and serene. Both musicians employ their classical training, performing original music on a range of instruments, while Reynolds sings from the heart with what the Tulsa World calls “the most […]