Live Music

Let The Meat Puppets take you back a time when the music was wonderfully lethargic and voices cracked on cue.

ARTS Pick: The Meat Puppets

Is it time to miss the ’90s? If so, than it’s time to reconnect with the punky forefathers of grunge. The Meat Puppets are back with a new album, Rat Farm, and it’s filled with the flaunting style that influenced Kurt Cobain and hordes of flannel-sporting Gen Xers. With a few new members, the group […]

Frat-friendly band White Animals “made quite a scene” when they toured through town in the ’80s.

ARTS Pick: The White Animals

Nashville-based band White Animals blazed onto the Southeast music scene in 1980 when Dr. Kevin Gray quit his residency at Vanderbilt Hospital to start a band, and it became one of the hottest rock acts on the college party circuit. The foursome returns to Virginia for the first time in 30 years with its signature […]

Jessica Lurie and the Megaphone Heart Band roll multiple influences into their worldly jazz rock.

ARTS Pick: Jessica Lurie and the Megaphone Heart Bands

A true instrumentalist, Jessica Lurie is an expert saxophone player, accordion player, and vocalist, accounting for the tremendous amount of praise she receives in the jazz community. The New Yorker is a real “jack of all trades” when it comes to her genre, and along with the Megaphone Heart Band, throws a complex melody over […]