Live Music

Charlottesville is in for some country music gold when Loretta Lynn and friends come to town on Saturday. “It’s gonna be fun,” Lynn said. “We don’t come out to do a bad show.” Publicity photo.

Honky tonk girl: Loretta Lynn still rules country music

Loretta Lynn released her first record, Honky Tonk Girl, in 1960 and began a 53-year-and-counting career that has made her the most awarded woman in country music. A true-to-her-roots Kentucky girl, Lynn never let the bright lights of Nashville blind her, and she met the pitfalls of fame in public, working through addiction and marital disharmony […]

Modern electronic music’s pied piper, Dan Deacon, takes his audience on a fantastic trip. Photo by Shawn Brackbill.

Musical loom: Dan Deacon weaves dense sonic delights

Dan Deacon is a busy man. Best known for his sweaty, gloriously fun concerts, his talents go far beyond the ability to get a crowd excited. Once you get past a surface-level wackiness his music is finely crafted, and sublimely structured, owing as much to Philip Glass or Aaron Copeland as it does to underground […]

Nashville notable and Texas native Andrew Combs is making his mark as part of the new wave of folk rockers. Publicity photo.

ARTS Pick: Andrew Combs at The Garage

A country-folk revolution is gaining momentum in Nashville, and singer-songwriter Andrew Combs is one of the founding fathers. Defending the right to defy conventional boundaries, Combs plays deeply emotional tunes that borrow equally from traditional rural sounds, with indie intonations, and punk flair that sounds like it came straight out of a warehouse in Detroit. […]