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"Dating vendetta win small spray pesticide/justice done,” sings Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars on the title track from the new album Bankrupt!.

ARTS Pick: Phoenix

French foursome Phoenix arrives with a complex evolution of its synthesized alt-rock sound. The band made famous by the songs “1901” and “If I Ever Feel Better” is touring on Bankrupt!, its fifth studio album, which features musicians swapping instruments, pentatonic song structures, and explorations of the limits of failure. Keeping up the familiar schizo […]

“One of the neat things about The Beach Boys is that multiple generations can enjoy it,” said Mike Love (third from right). “We’ll see grandparents, teenagers, and little children all enjoying our music.”

Interview: Mike Love discusses the legacy of The Beach Boys

In 1961, Murry Wilson founded The Beach Boys, a family act consisting of his sons Dennis, Carl, and Brian, their cousin Mike Love, and family friend Al Jardine. Combining the vocal harmonies of the doo-wop era with the instrumentation of surf rock, and subject matter rooted in West Coast youth culture, The Beach Boys were an […]

Parachute returns home to kick off the release of Overnight, its third album since the five UVA grads departed on tour in 2008.

ARTS Pick: Parachute

Local-gone-national heartthrob act Parachute drops in to promote the release of its new album Overnight with a two-day celebration. The band will treat fans to a retrospective of favorites—and play through the new record in its entirety—as it pushes away from pop rock and into a new electronic direction centered around hypnotic lyrics backed by […]