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Ashley McMillen returns to the Southern for an evening of achingly good love songs, along with the other Country Sweethearts on Saturday. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Country Sweethearts

Take five of Virginia’s finest singer-songwriters, pair them with some of country music’s most poignant love (or lost-love) songs and put them onstage for the annual Country Sweethearts Valentine’s Day show. Be it single and looking, or fed up and freedom-bound, there’s no way to deny the pure passion that emanates from these authentic voices. […]

Devon Sproule hosts a Lovefest on Valentine’s Day. “Love is such a big umbrella. If you zoom out far enough, everything can fit under it,” she says. Photo: Publicity photo

ARTS Pick: Lovefest

The Beatles taught us that “All You Need is Love,” and they’re probably right. “The tricky part is how to get it, keep it, give it, know it,” says indie-folk songwriter Devon Sproule. Learn more at Lovefest, where Sproule and her friends Mira Stanley and Chuck Costa of The Sea The Sea play sets about […]