Live Music

Robert Jospé will conduct a workshop and perform with his quartet in an educational concert about the history of jazz.

ARTS Pick: Robert Jospé

Trace the evolution of one of American music’s most influential styles through the expert chops of jazz percussionist Robert Jospé and his music instructor colleagues—who straddle the line between players and professors—in an educational performance reflecting the history of jazz. Jospé and his quartet illuminate the music with works from the musicians and composers who […]

Eleanor Friedberger powers through her solo tunes with the same stylish pop she’s known for in the Fiery Furnaces.

ARTS Pick: Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor Friedberger may be best known as half of the crisp, jangly indie pop duo, Fiery Furnaces (currently on hiatus), but her sophomore solo effort, Personal Record, establishes her vocal prowess within a smooth mix of infectious production and a steady rock beat. Friedberger says that a love of music, and how it connects people, […]

Let The Meat Puppets take you back a time when the music was wonderfully lethargic and voices cracked on cue.

ARTS Pick: The Meat Puppets

Is it time to miss the ’90s? If so, than it’s time to reconnect with the punky forefathers of grunge. The Meat Puppets are back with a new album, Rat Farm, and it’s filled with the flaunting style that influenced Kurt Cobain and hordes of flannel-sporting Gen Xers. With a few new members, the group […]