Live Music

Joseph Arthur performs with Mike Mills (REM) and Bill Dobrow, and will read his poetry at The Southern on Sunday.

ARTS Pick: Joseph Arthur

Don’t fret if you missed Joseph Arthur’s well-hyped recent album Boogie Christ, because the highly regarded musical talent has just released a follow-up entitled The Ballad of Boogie Christ Act 2. Arthur is a poet, artist, and musician from the Midwest who got his first record deal after sending Peter Gabriel a demo. Add on […]

Haunting vocals layered with violins, ukulele, and swelling orchestrations define the sound of the musically hot-listed Brooke Annibale.

ARTS Pick: Brooke Annibale

For Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brooke Annibale there was never any doubt that a career in music was in her future. “My family owns a music shop in Pittsburgh,” she said. “I started taking lessons and as soon as I knew enough chords, I started writing songs.” Annibale has four self-releases to her name including 2013’s Words […]