Live Music

Hospitality invites you to try out its very own blend of theramin-inspired guitar riffs, tidy rock rhythms, and fairytale vocals on Sunday.

On its sophomore record, Hospitality goes dark

Trouble, Hospitality’s sterling sophomore record, announces itself by proffering a warning. “If you go to sleep, dear,” warns guitarist and singer Amber Papini on “Nightingale,” “you’ll see ghosts in your bed.” Later, she cautions against other mythical creatures—sirens, vampires—that threaten sleepers. But Papini said the trouble that inspired the record is a bit more existential. […]

Lake Street Dive is on a run of (mostly) sold out shows, including Sunday’s Jefferson Theater gig.

Lake Street Dive eyes stardom through a vintage lens

Pop-soul throwback Lake Street Dive’s music is kind of like all these Spiderman movies, to loosely paraphrase drummer Michael Calabrese. “There is this whole thing right now in our culture of reaching back and trying to do something new with old ideas and make sense of them in our modern time,” he told C-VILLE Weekly […]

Lou Barlow (middle) has worked out the personality conflicts in his bands Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh (pictured), and is still making “angsty” music.

Interview: Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow finds humor in rock band drama

Lou Barlow has been involved in some of the quaintest rock ’n’ roll feuds of all time. In an industry where grudges are common and time seems only to deepen rifts between once-close bandmates, the Dinosaur Jr. bassist and Sebadoh frontman has pretty much made up with everyone he’s ever crossed. The lo-fi legend was […]