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Accomplished singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester led a low-key lifestyle before losing his battle with cancer this spring. “I’d rather just hang in there all the time with good music, slow and steady, and share it, rather than set the world on fire all at once,” he told Rolling Stone magazine in 1970. Winchester’s final album was released on September 16. Publicity photo

Charlottesville resident Jesse Winchester’s last waltz

“I’m dying to find Him, but dying’s my fear. Is there perfection? Will there be pain? Will I see mom and dad again?” With a weathered voice, steeped in the honest emotion of a man facing his mortality, Jesse Winchester seeks answers from his Maker during these poignant lines in the song “Just So Much.” […]

WNRN’s Marc Smith takes listeners on a long, strange trip during the Saturday morning radio show Grateful Dead and Phriends. Photo credit: Emily Moroné

As jam scene winds down, local radio play is strong

The idea of an entire radio station based on the music of a single band no longer seems so far out. But when satellite radio launched in the early 2000s, there was no Pandora, and the notion that people would want to listen 24 hours a day to the same band, with a few similar […]