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The Infamous Stringdusters kick off the Let It Go tour in the place the band once called home.

While scattered, The Infamous Stringdusters let it fly

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The Infamous Stringdusters had a pretty good year last year. Indeed, it seems almost clichéd to lead with such a statement, despite its truth. After all, the Stringdusters have been on a steady rise for nearly seven years, and the band didn’t hit the lofty critical heights […]

The Beets’ frontman Juan Wauters moves his punk form into sentimental folk on his solo debut.

ARTS Pick: N.A.P. North American Poetry

When Juan Wauters emigrated from Uruguay to Queens, New York in the early aughts, he brought a love of music that was nurtured into maturity in the borough that brought us the Ramones. In his debut solo record, N.A.P. North American Poetry, Wauters delivers effortless hooks and sentimental lyrics with a heavy folk influence. The […]

Playing in a duo allows banjo virtuoso couple Abigail Washburn and Béla Fleck to make
touring a family affair.

Interview: Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn bring the family

Restless musical innovator Béla Fleck is known for taking the banjo on a wide range of sonic journeys. The 15-time Grammy winner brought his instrument to the outer limits of improvisational jazz with his lauded outfit the Flecktones and explored its roots in Africa through the documentary Throw Down Your Heart. These days, Fleck is […]