Live Music

Steel Magnolia brings its soulful country to the Paramount in a performance to benefit Palmyra animal shelter Caring for Creatures.

ARTS Pick: Steel Magnolia

Country-rock duo Steel Magnolia cut its teeth on the national stage with an audition for CMT’s reality show “Can You Duet?” Initially skeptical that the judges would understand its unique twist on country, Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey walked away with the show’s grand prize, and received further confirmation in 2012 when awarded an […]

ARTS Pick: The Mock Stars Ball

ARTS Pick: The Mock Stars Ball

Six local bands go big on Halloween with slick impersonations of popular rock bands at The Mock Stars Ball. The heavy metal-esque Corsair will play all the “hits” by Iron Maiden, and fast-paced Dwight Howard Johnson takes on the Pixies catalog, while Moby and the Dicks (Joe Cocker and Friends), Megaphor (Rage Against the Machine), Sharkopath (The […]

Nine albums after its breakthrough Ten came out, Pearl Jam is still attracting massive arena crowds.

ARTS Pick: Pearl Jam

Since the late ’80s Pearl Jam has been rocking out the grunge genre it helped to define. The benchmark of the Seattle scene is currently touring on its tenth album, Lightening Bolt, and it still delivers the authentic, high energy rock ‘n’ roll performances, led by passionate frontman Eddie Vedder, that broke the mold in […]